Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Modala Anubhava

Nanna hesaru Sheetal nanu 5 feet 4 inch, fair and big booby teen.

I would like to share my first sex eperience with you all.

When I was in college studying BSC i had my first sex with my classmate mohammed.

Mohammed was handsome and intelligent nearly bit inches taller than me. I was quite beautiful amongst all the girls in my college. Mohammed used to observe me every day alot. I liked too. But without my notice he started coming in my dream by the time i gets up in the morning my panty was wet. I was unable to share this all with none.

One day in some project me and mohammed started working by mistake by bumps touched his bumps, He said sorry for that and I said its okay..  That day I was wearing loose kurta if I bend i could see my boobs clearly. I intensionally bent infront of him so that he could see and get temp and move closer to me.. I thrown my pen down and bent to take front of him he saw my boobs turned his head feeling some what...

I asked him are u feeling uncomfortable then he replied no your so beautiful suddenly i replied him you to handsome.

We exchanged our cell numbers........
I used to send him good messages in the beginning about love etc etc...
Later I started sending simple non veg messages... then he got addicted to only non veg messages... he started begging me for non veg messages.... I too started him sending non veg messages day and night.....

We were getting holidays for three days... we planned to go for date second day.....
First day night he called me to speak... I was in my room alone so that I can speak open to him...
I used to call him sweet heart.. He use to call me honey..
Me: Hello sweet heart
He: Hi honey
Me: what are you doing
He: Thinking of you
Me: Same here
He: What you were thinking about me
Me: You come in dreams every day... and make me romantic
He: How do I make you romantic?
Me: You comes to me and give a tight hug, slowly you take your hands....
He: Hands?then please continue dont shy am your closed one
Me: If you promise me you dont reveal any one
He: Promise januy
me: Ya.. You take your hands and starts pressing my bumps and slowly lock my lips.... u continue to do nearly 10 minuts
He: Really then?
Me: I started moaning romantically by your kisses and i could make out your penis press against my stomach.
He: Please continue without stopping am feeling some pressure pleasure in me.
Me: Slowly you take of my nighty and starts pressing and licking my boobs and saying smooth like sponge
I started moaning lot... Then you takes off my bra completely I too take off your clothes..
You slowly down your hands and starts rubbing my pussy and another hand on my boob..
I completely in romantic mood and enjoying the pleasure... you slowly removes my panty and keeps your finger on it... slowly push your middle finger and make to and fro... I felt like all the energy rushed into my pussy and I released some white liquid on your fingers... Then slowly you starts licking my pussy saying so hot i want iwant... Am hmmmmmmmmmmmm lick me oh ya comman please eat me off i cant .....
Your cock was hard and i starts licking it and giving you blow job... you starts saying oh my sweet heart I wanna fuck your pussy....
THen I lay down on bed making my legs apart... You slowly push your cock in my vegina.... beginning it was not getting in me... You kissed me and pushed my boobs and licked some more time. then I felt bit wide vegina and asked you to push....
 Then you started pushing your cock slowly in my vegina then to fro to fro fuck fuck fuck oh my god omy god ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck me  fuck pls ha ha aha I squirted like hell inside....
After some more strokes you released your fluid in my cunt... oh we both fell down and taking great breath that we have achied something great.... my pussy was pain alot and pleasure happiness that I cannot explain..
He: Oh my pant is tight now... I need you'
Me: Am ready sweet heart

Dear friends I'll continue the story next time..... This all my true experience not imagination...